Garden Maintenance from Greenmillenium Landscapes

Garden maintenance as performed by Greenmillenium Landscapes is a quality garden service with many years of knowledge and experience to keep your garden in check, the way you want it. Paul the owner is a qualified horticulturist, and a member of Landscape Queensland, an organisation that passes on new news in the horticultural industry. Our[…]

Sandy soil- Making it work for your garden

The plain fact- sandy soil has the poorest nutritional content of all soils, so how do we make it work for us? Other characteristics are that it holds water for a shorter amount of time, drying out quicker. All is not lost. Nutrients are important for the optimum growth of our plants, but the greatest[…]

Choosing the right grass for your garden

Welcome to my video blog post “Choosing the right grass for your garden” Yes, the Garden Gurus come to the rescue again with another great video! If you are searching for answers then this video will surely help! Enjoy! Garden Gurus — Village Green Lawn Makeover Village Green a new, versatile turfgrass variety that has[…]

How To Prune Grevilleas Video

I found this How To Prune Grevilleas Video by the Gardening Gurus. It’s done extremely well and provides some solid tips on exactly what to do! Enjoy, and happy pruning! How to Prune Grevilleas – Australian Native Plants – Pruning Grevilleas Grevilleas are popular Australian native plants that need annual pruning to keep them performing[…]


Mulches are a useful way to suppress weeds in your garden, while also benefiting the garden by suppressing evaporation from your soil. Other benefits are that as they break down they add goodness to the soil, (much like composts and without having to turn the soil), and they increase the interaction between soil organisms which[…]