Paving Styles in Gold Coast

Paving is one of the specialty skills of Greenmillenium Landscapes, having honed my skills on being the brains behind the paved walkways of Main Beach, Byron Bay. We have done a variety of different paving projects. Whilst the majority have many similarities the choice of pavers can vary greatly and help create a different look.

One of my favourite styles is to put a matched but different colour band towards the outside rows of the paved work.

Tallow Beach

This job was done to hide the weather damaged concrete pavers below. Wherever there was pavers below the new pavers were attached with (neat cement- cement mixed with water). The sections where there was to be constant luggage traffic pads of 6 pavers were put together.


After constant wearing through the grass at the end of the path a path was made to stop the wear. The path was made with off coloured metal/crusher dust mixed with off-white cement, water added and compacted.

Mallawa Job

The black brick edging was there to hold in the gravel. The black pavers and the pure white gravel provided a good effect.

Mondo Paving Job

The idea of this job was to have the hard surface provided by pavers, but because the overall area was largely paved, putting in mondo grass between the pavers to break up the excessive paved look. The idea is that the mondo grass is to fill the entire gap area. A mixture of both miniature and normal mondo grass was used. When mondo grass has consistent traffic it will stunt its growth, but unlike grass it won’t wear through completely.

Victoria Point Job

Done with 200 x 200 x 40mm clay pavers. Done to get rid of worn turf area.

Beachcomber Job

This was a long job done with natural travertine pavers. The base was set as a 75mm reinforced concrete with expansion joints. Pavers attached with exterior tile glue, 1mm grouted join and expansion joints filled with matching sikaflex. The clients specification was to have the pavers with a smooth finish (to the hand- no toe kickers).

Turf Stepping Stones

One with 400 x 400 x40mm concrete pavers and the others 600 x 350 x 40mm yellow granite split pavers


This job used a few different paving styles. The first photo is a sandstone stepping stone- gravel path. The patio area was done with a concrete paver, which has the aggregate showing for effect. A few lighter coloured ones were thrown in to break up the monotony of the black pavers. The easiest way to change the levels and make a bend in the path at the same time was done by laying cobble style pavers.

Glenelg East

This job was done in conjunction with Outdoor Domain Designs from Adelaide as their first, major landscape works. The main paved areas were done with some pavers 400 x 400 x 40mm concrete pavers that the client originally bought. The front path was done with natural stone pavers. To get the middle path (around the plinth and pot) to match, the pavers were cut into 100 x 100mm blocks and tumbled in the cement mixer to give them the aged look.

Miscellaneous Paved Surfaces

Lennox Head

Alcorn St

Ruskin St

Ocean Shores

Kingsley Lane


This area was paved because the lawn couldn’t grow because of the low light. The area around the tree was created because the poinciana roots needed to breath rather than be covered with pavers.


Paving around the new pool area. Paved steps (tread) and carpark landing area

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