Irrigation in Gold Coast

If you need a gardener who is capable of maintenance and repairs to existing irrigation system we’re the team. We assess your properties needs and check if the system is working for your ever changing garden, and the irrigation type you need in each particular area.

Consistent maintenance is important on all irrigation lines. Ants, dirt and other objects can block your lines. In these circumstances, we work our way through the whole system till we get it up and working again.

As time goes on your garden changes. Plants grow, block irrigation outlets, or need more water. We can raise or adjust the height of emitters, move them around, replace faulty pop-ups, clean sedimentation in solenoids or pipes, or add another emitter that allows more water flow.

Due to the changing nature of our business, we no longer offer new installation, and quotation. For this service call Tony at Cav Tech on 0403 218 696

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