Garden Maintenance in Gold Coast

Garden/landscape maintenance and total garden care from start to finish is what we provide. Was your garden created by a landscaper and includes design features that need more than just secateurs or a lawn mower?

We assess your garden, then trim and tidy till you find it in the state and the feel with which you created it. We trim to let in the light you want, and give the plants the room and shape they want.

Our landscape construction knowledge also helps you get your irrigation system leak free and functioning properly, relevel pavers that have moved and any other technical issue in your outdoor space.

Below is a portfolio of various jobs that we do usually on a regular basis.


This was a garden I largely landscaped, also its upkeep was up to me. Care was taken that the low light conditions didn’t force trees to overcrowd the sunny lawn area, and to keep the smaller plants as healthy as possible. Most smaller plants were chosen for low light conditions



One thought on “Garden Maintenance in Gold Coast

  • If gardening and lawn maintenance is not your thing you can always call
    on a professional lawn maintenance company.
    In this case, cut some off 1 day and then cut it down to the desired height within the next two days.
    You can find a lot of lawn care companies in the market.

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