Garden Edging Gold Coast

Ideas to separate your garden from lawns, pathways etc

Paver Edge

This can be done with pavers laid end to end (for a thin band) or side by side (for a thicker) band. Also can be laid vertically (instead of horizontal) to allow for higher garden.

Rock Edging

This edging is done with natural stone products like rocks with irregular surfaces. Then the edges are matched together for a closer fit, and also angled so that are more uniform and straighter looking. They are best used as an edge to a pathway rather than for lawns. Rocks have sometimes to be excavated into ground surface and soil firmed in around them so that they will never move again without considerable force.

Granite Cobble Edging

This an edging I did on a job in Byron Bay with a 2 coloured yellow and grey-green granite cobble. Because of their smaller shape they lent themselves very well to meandering edges. The grout between the joins was done with a yellowish oxide colour.

Dry stone wall

While not exactly a garden edge it does serve as one. I did this dry stone wall in Suffolk Park with the local basalt boulders. Rocks were placed up to a uniform height and upward taper.

Block Edging

Blocks come in a variety of sizes from 100mm high to over 200mm. Some are specifically for edging (the smaller blocks) and others usually for retaining walls, because of the extra height can be used for edging.
Blocks are used when garden levels are higher than lawns or paths they are containing, and are even more effective than rocks at stopping soil slipping through the gaps.
The following examples were of a garden that was higher than the path. These Norfolk blocks with caps were the perfect height for the existing garden level and also to take into account the extra height after adding mulch.

Small Blocks

Timber Edging

One of the simplest, quickest and cheapest ways to divide one material from another, raised gardens etc, timber edging can be used to achieve curved shapes for paths, and can also be placed level with the finished level surface to stop grass for example mixing with pebble paths and give an edge to maintain to with the mower of whipper snipper

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