Garden/Landscape maintenance and total garden care from start to finish is what we provide from a qualified and knowledgeable horticulturist. We assess your garden, then trim and tidy till you find it in the state and the feel with which you created it. We trim to let in the light you want, and give the plants the room and shape they want. Our gardening services include:


Sometimes your hedges have been trimmed for too long at the same level or you have neglected them for a while. We assess the hedges and give them a heavy trim 15cm below the level you require to increase green material. Or simply if they are in a good state hedge them with a multi position long handled hedge trimmer

Lawn Care

Fertilise lawns, level, topdress and rehabilitate lawns that are going backwards. We choose the right topdressing material for your soil, whether it needs more organic matter or just more air. We can control the weeds in your lawn so that you have a uniform lawn  with one variety of grass


Choose the best mulch or stone for your site, and place it as thick as necessary, and take care not to smother your plants. We take the time to get the mulch in between and under the groundcovers that have been neglected because of their growth habit

Irrigation Maintenance

We check the operation of the system, find leaks, move sprinklers, to suit a garden that has grown, change broken sprinklers, unclog sprinklers, check solenoids and look at the controller it’s times and whether it is watering the garden to make it healthy and suit your needs. We have found that a perfectly working irrigation system is the difference between a lacklustre garden and a great garden

Lawn Maintenance

While most of our garden maintenance jobs have separate, lawn contractors, we can take care of any lawn that is part of our garden maintenance clientele. You get our years of expertise to give you each visit a bowling green, we leave no cut grass and don’t cut our edges too low, leaving them bare or scalped


We see weeds where most people can’t. We get to the root of the problem. Some weeds have long tap roots, some many bulbs, some strong rooted. With weeding it is important to take the time to get to the source and go through the garden thoroughly to remove the problem, so that the next time you’ll need us to weed your garden will be much longer than 1 week, just because your weed was grazed upon, not pulled out.

Paver Maintenance

Have your pavers been lifted by roots, fallen due to sinking ground or any other changes? We can lift the area in question, fix the problem and relay them

Rubbish removal

We also provide rubbish removal for an additional cost of $60 per ute load. Alternatively the client can also make their own arrangements to remove rubbish accumulated from our services

Our Services

Greenmillenium Landscapes provides garden maintenance to hotels, guest accommodation, large acreage properties and private gardens. Given the main function of our service is large scale maintenance, and complete garden clean-ups, we are best suited to gardens that require usually no less than 4hrs per visit, or regular lawn maintenance for those properties and clients that also require their gardens attended to from time to time

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