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Greenmillenium Landscapes is an owner operator business.

Paul Mundweil the owner/operator has been a qualified horticulturist since 1993, and third generation of an established horticultural family. He grew up amongst plants from a young age developing a feel for their environment, characteristics and needs during his schooling years.

Paul’s first solo project was a nursery specialising in wholesale plant propagation and from there through his previous all round experience he moved towards garden maintenance and finally landscaping as his clients needs expanded.

A few years afterwards Paul secured his first horticultural teaching post on the Gold Coast; and again five years later teaching horticulture in TAFE in Northern NSW.

Paul’s landscape gardening business flourished from word of mouth and many clients chose to use his services on various landscape projects, to help maintain gardens, and add more to those gardens when they desired a change.

While most of his work has been based in and around Byron Bay from word of mouth, he is now based on the Gold Coast, and has worked on projects in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, St.Tropez in France and the Costa del Sol in Spain.

With more than 20 years experience, with Greenmillenium Landscapes you will get a service that combines the landscape construction, and ongoing maintenance, with a vast knowledge of the garden care and soil needs of plants.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  • Trying to improve sandy soil on the NSW Central Coast (Gosford Area) for New Zealand Christmas Bush.
    Have put Mushroom Compost on the soil and dug it in, nothing more.

    Please advise what else needs to be done.
    Many thanks

    • New Zealand Christmas bushes come from sandy soil. This should make them grow quicker, but be careful that the compost doesn’t make the soil alkaline

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