Edible Privacy

Is your backyard or house open to view from all neighbours? Are you looking for privacy as a result of this? The usual cheap way to overcome this problem is to choose fast growing plants. You might choose a wattle or a grevillea which grow fast. But what about edible privacy? Plants that grow quick in our sub-tropical climate, that you can also eat?

What are some of these plants?

You can choose from vegetables or fruits that might usually last a bit longer for you.

Some vegetables you can choose are things like cucumber, beans or peas. There are a few other plants like cucumbers, like rock melon, watermelon or pumpkin. But because their fruits are large, growing vertically is not a possibility. As ground covers they can take up a lot of space. They are best served space wise as vines, cucumbers grow quick and can provide you fruit quickly.

a cucumber can produce their first fruit after 8 weeks. This one is trained up atree to maximise space

a cucumber can produce their first fruit after 8 weeks. This one is trained up atree to maximise space

Bean or peas can also be trained up a fence will grow quickly and provide you with something to eat.

For larger plants paw paw’s are a good fast growing plant that can quickly help you screen out the neighbours.

a paw paw after 4 months

a paw paw after 4 months

Rosella a species of hibiscus is also a good plant to attain height quickly that will screen off views to a medium height.

Let’s not forget passionfruit. In one summer they can climb over a whole fence. And when they are fruiting they can also provide you with lots of passionfruits. The large Panama Red and Gold varieties are the best to try. Forget about the small black ones. Once you’ve tasted the larger varieties you won’t go back.

Tamarillos the tree tomatoe are also a fast growing plant to a mid height.

All these plants will provide you a good screen within a year, especially if you look after them with some liquid feed and water whenever they are short. This will provide the best possble outcome for your privacy. All you have to do then is enjoy the fruit

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