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Garden maintenance as performed by Greenmillenium Landscapes is a quality garden service with many years of knowledge and experience to keep your garden in check, the way you want it. Paul the owner is a qualified horticulturist, and a member of Landscape Queensland, an organisation that passes on new news in the horticultural industry.

Our service is good for hotel grounds management, body corporate and even private properties that haven’t got time to keep their garden under control.

golden cane before

golden cane before

golden cane after

golden cane after

What can we do for you? Well some people think that gardening is an easy job, that they can easily tackle themselves. But when you have a variety of problems in your garden, tall trees, persistent pests, weed problems that won’t go away, plants won’t grow we look at your site and work out the problems for you and even suggest ideas before you do something in the garden that won’t work.

What services do

we perform then? Many clients have their own lawn mowing guy or do it themselves. This gives us the time to dedicate to the plants. With a regular service, most difficult problems have been solved. We can trim your hedges, or suggest to you if the hedges are getting woody, trim them back harder, so they have a bigger, healthier, denser flush of growth. We trim the plants that are getting too high. Thin out your golden cane palms. Note when we cut a branch we make clean cuts, that look better when

the job is finsihed.

We can also, look at problems which all irrigation systems develope over time, and readjust the system to the current state of the garden which every system needs, and clean out blockages. We trim back plants to a nice shape, cut out dead wood and branches that are crossing over within the plant’s frame work.

Making plants healthier; you planted them so you don’t want to see them struggle or sick. We can cut them back heavily, so that they start with some healthy growth, then look at the problem at hand. Drainage problems, soil too heavy(mix in mulch), not enough light-cut back unnecessary branches shading the plant. Whatever it is we have a solution for you.

Paul Mundweil has been working with me for almost six years. In

that time he has created two very special gardens from nothing but rock, dirt and weeds. He has such a good horticultural knowledge that the planning, planting and pruning can be left to his care. He knows which plants will grow in the sun and which plants grow in the shade. Quite simply he knows and cares about the plants and the soil.

He has been responsible for organizing paving areas and, in my first garden, he built the most beautiful dry stone wall which looked perfect in its natural environment. Paul can plan, create and maintain a luscious lawn in your back or front garden.

If you want someone to sort your garden needs, Paul is the one to choose…reliable and reasonable too.

Hilary Kerr, Byron Bay, NSW


well cared for garden and lawn

With Greenmillenium Landscape’s garden maintenance or work is done in such detail you won’t even notice the fine detail of the work we have done. The main detail you will notice is that our job comes out with that Wow Factor, which is hard to achieve without having the experience and knowledge

PS What is a horticulturist? Is a garden professional, able which can be specialised in any one field of the garden trade, but also has the knowledge and experience, to successfully work in other areas of the garden industry

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