Leaf Sunburn-From the Shade to the Sun

Leaf Sunburn-From the Shade to the Sun

Maybe sometime you have bought a plant from a nursery and it was kept in a shady position or in a shadehouse. It was looking nice and had shiny leaves.

You brought the plant home and put it somewhere in your garden, patio or verandah. Suddenly, the leaves are changing to a browny colour, and it doesn’t look to good in the leaf.

The question to ask yourself is whether the plant previously living in a permanently shady position has sunlight reaching it at any time or all the time? If so, it is most likely it has sun burn.

Sunburn will permanently make the area affected dead, but the rest of the leaf or plant is unaffected.

What has happened, is that the plant cannot make a sudden change when it has soft leaves that are adjusted to shady conditions. If the plant is able

to tolerate sun at any part of the day, it will adjust over time.

The leaves that grew in shady conditions will not cope so well, but those that grow on the plant

in the same conditions where they will remain, will grow and be adapted to the new conditions.

If you choose to cut off affected leaves, make sure you do not defoliate the whole plant, as it needs some leaves to produce some food for itself.

In a few months you will have a healthy plant again with unmarked leaves.


The middle part of this leaf is permanently dead.

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